Mother's Day

Sunday, May 13th~

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Mother's Day! We kept busy. I still missed my mom though! Although it's a day to honor moms, it's not a day that moms to get any sort of break. That would be a true holiday! I can't complain though. We had a fun family lunch and then spent the evening poolside with friends. The guys grilled so that was nice. The pool was good, but I'm craving the beach. I think I need to get there this week. I'm a water girl- always have been, always will be. I think if I could spend a Mother's Day any way I wanted to, it would have to end with a sunset on the beach. 

Anyway, being a mom is great and I'm very, very happy for the opportunity. Being a parent is very eye-opening. You have to wise up and get your priorities straight. You understand love on such a different level. It changes you in many ways. Even after all the changes, you find yourself constantly wondering if you're doing things right and well!

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