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from Saturday, May 12, 2012~ 

   The updating will never end... I guess that's the reality of online sales. Most of my stock is from last fall and the beginning of this year. I did make a few necklaces for the show the other week. I'm finding that listing, promoting and photographing is taking so much time that I'm just not getting in the creative mood as often. It's like the computer is sucking it all away. I'm one of those people that when the mood strikes me, I'm like a whirlwind and I get a huge amount done in an almost manic way. If I'm not feeling it though... I can redo the same necklace several times and never be pleased and end up taking it apart entirely. 
I know to a lot of people beading is not true art. And as much as I hate that idea, I often think it. I'm not making the beads- I'm assembling another person's work into something else. I tend to think of art as tangible creativity so in that way bead work does qualify. I think the artistry comes in having an eye for color, texture and pattern. I see myself as a curator or concept designer pointing people in the direction of artful living. Anyway, it does take energy and vision and inspiration.

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