What's with all the Drool?!

The last few days our sweet little girl has been fussy. She's normally only cried when she's hungry or having gas pains so I was hoping we weren't entering a stage where she just cried a lot over little things. She also just started sucking on her whole hand versus the couple fingers she liked before. I started to suspect she might be teething, but when I looked it up it said that this didn't usually happen until 6 months. I also looked up the symptoms and she's doing just about all the behaviorisms. I peaked in her mouth, but it's so tiny, I really couldn't see much so I was forced to run my finger along her gums. Sure enough, there are tooth buds on the top and bottom and there's even a part of a tooth erupting from her top right gum. My darling is teething! I'm relieved that's what it is, but I remember it not being a pleasant time when Julian was cutting his choppers. Oh, well, what can you do? I am a little concerned about nursing something with incisors!

Jane's got her mom's little ankles and feet (Not a word about the thighs though!)

She's very generous with the smiles

Even with the teething, she's still so good natured.

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