2 More Days!


I'm reading through the packet we got from Julian's school yesterday and I just feel overwhelmed. The car line chart alone is daunting. One of the reasons I like this school so much is the level of parent involvement they require- I just did not consider how it pertained to me! Really, it's not so bad, taken day by day. It's just a lot of information all at once. Jason's taking him in the mornings so I only actually have to deal with half of that car line chart. Thank you, Jason!

As much as I'm a little verklempt at my little boy entering his elementary years, I'm also to the point in the summer where I am ready for it to start already! Here's the top 10 phrases I used the most in the last three months:

1. "Did you wipe?"
2. "That's too rough for your sister."
3. "Pick it up!!!"
4. "STOP!"
5. "Don't touch me until you wash your hands."
6. "What is that?!"
7. "Don't put that in your mouth."
8. "You are getting so tall!"
9. "How's your rash?"
10. "I love you so much!"

Here are Julian's most used phrases:

1. "Mom, did you see me?"
2. "Can I have some of that?"
3. "I see your boobies." [The joys of breastfeeding...]
4. "Can I watch Ben 10?"
5. "I don't know."
6. "Why aren't you doing what I want you to do?!"
7. "Invisible Julian has/does/is...."
8. "Can you scratch my rash?"
9. "I'm the fastest in the world!"
10. "Guess what?"

I know I'll miss this time and age, but right now, I'm going a bit nuts!

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RandomGoodsVintage said...

I hear you about car line. By the time I leave my house to get into pick up car line and the time I get back home with the kids, its an hour and 10 minutes or more. 5 days a week. I have been doing it for 5 years so far. It will be worst next year when my son starts middle school. I will have to leave my house at 1:20 to pick up my daughter, then drive to Ybor to pick up my son and I imagine I wont be back home until 4ish. Ugh. That will be a 3 hour pick up everyday!

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