In Doubt


When in doubt, post a baby picture! This week has not been great. To add to it, I was headachey all yesterday. We still went out with friends and had a pretty nice evening celebrating a birthday. Of course, we had to leave half way through to get the kiddos. Jane has me on a short leash these days.

Today, I'm out of coffee and just feeling poor. The day started out well with a  playgroup, but then we had to go to a thing at Julian's school. It was not a fun experience. I don't like being cut in front of and I really don't like being talked down to. 

When I think about my life right now, there are so many good things that I feel guilty at the things that get me down. This week, for all it's busyness and social happenings, left me longing for both alone time and a friend.

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