Running Out of Time

from July 10, 2012~

Julian says he's "so sick of black suitcases!" so I guess we better switch to the beat up red one. =p

   I feel like I have so much to do before we leave tomorrow. I guess the one thing that I'm hoping is that packing will be easier as we were just up there and I have a better idea of what we'll need. I also left a few things up there so I don't have to pack as much anyway. 

In more exciting news... Tonight Jason and I are going on a date! We've both been dying to see Moonrise Kingdom so I think we're just going to grab something quick for dinner and hit the theater. We just have to spend a little time alone with each other, it's been too long since we last did.

In sad news, my grandpa probable only has another 24-48 hours. Part of me hopes we can make it to see him one last time. But this last trip up I did get to say my goodbyes. He was mentally clearer then than he is now so I think that it was good that I did so.

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