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Monday, July 9, 2012~

Playing vet

   Julian and I are headed back up to Missouri this week. My grandfather is passing so it's not going to be a real child-centered, fun week. So today I wanted to take him to Great Explorations today. Of course, there was a huge group from Big Brothers Big Sisters. They all left at lunch time so after that it was a little bit quieter. 
   It's hard to avoid the big groups whether it's summer camps at the park or daycare groups at the children's museums. They have every right to be there and I'm glad the groups they're in take them fun places. I just don't enjoy being around that. I know it sounds snotty, but here's why. The adult to kid ratio is never that great. In the summer, half the helpers seem to be teenaged and often the kids just don't listen to them or the teens are behaving inappropriately for the setting. A lot of groups bring older children to things intended for younger tots. Most of the kids behave alright, but there are always a few that are very aggressive or just grabby. Julian was making me a play lunch in the GE pretend cafeteria. One of the BB, BS kids just came over and started taking things off Juju's tray. Same thing in the little grocery store, an older kid from the same group just took his little shopping cart. There was no manners, no apologies. I think if a parent was with those kids, that would not have happened. At least I hope so!

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