July 11~

   My grandfather peacefully passed  last night. Only my dad was with him, which was as it should be somehow. There's a relief amidst the sadness because it was terrible for grandpa to be without my grandma and he doesn't have to be any more. I cried all morning because I knew when we got to Missouri, I'd need to keep it together. 
   We had a pretty big delay that- for once- wasn't Allegiant's fault. As we were pulling out to the runway, this huge lightning storm hit. We couldn't go back to the gate and we definitely couldn't take off so we sat in the plane for almost 2 hours. Of course, Allegiant wasn't going to offer water or anything to make the wait easier. Still, Julian and I entertained each other and the people across the row too. For such a long time on the plane, he did very well. He's quite the traveler!

This was at the one hour waiting point- still smiling. The older lady in the background was his "best girl" by the time we got to Springfield!

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