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Hi... Hello... Yes, I still blog... occasionally. I'm just totally in love with Instagram at the moment so my attention has been over there more. If you want to follow me, I'm also TheRiCharmedLife on there. I have to warn you though, I break all the rules of what a good Instagram should be. I post pictures of my kids, my dog, selfies, my food, my art and stuff I'd like to sell. I should really tidy it up, but I don't really care to. Take me or leave me! The crazy thing is I'm almost to five hundred followers, even after the great spam account clean up of January. 

We celebrated our 12th anniversary earlier this month.

In other news- my baby brother is getting married!!! I leave at the crack of dawn (ugh...) Thursday morning to fly up to the big MO for the festivities. It's going to be a very small wedding, but I'm staying almost a whole week, so I'm hoping to see lots of family during that time. And get this, I'm going all by myself. I'm entrusting my darling babies to Jason and God. Hopefully all will go well. I'm not expecting much- alive and in good health works for me.

My bro & I back in the Y2K days...

Hope you all have a lovely spring break. Remember to protect your skin and hydrate! That is all.

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