Suncoast Primate Sanctuary

As much as I can, I'm trying to make sure Julian doesn't feel neglected with the new baby around. For the last couple years, I'd intended on checking out the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary, so when I heard some of my girlfriends were heading there, we definitely had to go. It's not a zoo and doesn't have a zoo's budget. It is a place for animals that have no where else to go. It's all outdoors and while the cages are very clean, the dirt paths are not. It took us about an hour to go through. We probably would have stayed longer if it wasn't so hot. I would recommend a visit here- just know it's not a zoo and you aren't going to see the animals in natural habitats and you do want to bring sun block and bug spray. The volunteers are great though and the animals are healthy and entertaining.


There's also a collection of alligators and turtles. Julian isn't big on alligators as you can see from his response!

This little boy-monkey was loose in the bamboo.

Our own little Jane Goodall slept through the whole thing.

Julian & Aaron taking in all the parrots

This gorgeous orangutan was really alert and watchful. He kept moving to where people were.

Of all the cool things in the sanctuary, the boys, of course, were most interested in this stagnate rock pond.

Out side the bird cages


The loudest monkey in the place!
Today is Jason's birthday, so after gobs of hand sanitizer, we met him for lunch.

Julian's still pretty much in monkey mode!

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