Getting More Out of Baby's Wardrobe

It's no secret that I'm a pretty thrifty person. If I'm going to spend, I better get my money's worth. It drives me a little crazy how fast the kids go through their clothes, specifically Jane right now. She's out of her newborn clothes already! 
Because it's summer and a hot one at that, I'm mainly putting Jane in lightweight dresses. I like that look anyway. At this point in the summer, a lot of stores are moving their summer clothes out for fall inventory. This means great clearance sales! Now Jane is a lucky gal and was given a ton of clothes, so I've pretty much restrained myself, but I did pick up a thing or two last week. I was looking for mainly shirts in toddler sizes that could work as dresses now. It's a way that she can get a year or two out of each piece instead of a few months. 

Baby Gap floral- Tops with shoulder ties work well, as you can cinch up the top to make it the right size.

Aqua stripes from Baby Gap- this style neckline usually works well.

Navy stripes from Baby Gap- these look cute with leggings and a sweater when the weather cools

Oppander crochet & floral- If a piece has shoulder straps with buttons on the bottom, you can criss-cross them to shorten them.

Old Navy stripes & dots- Any straps can be shortened by using safety pins to pin the extra material in the back, inside. If you prefer a more finished look, you can detach thestraps at the bottom backs, add buttons to the back inside of the dress and put button holes in the straps.
Baby Gap- If you sew, you can pinch up the extra collar fabric at the shoulders and sew a temporary hem that can be let out eventually.

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