YA Book Club

I cannot seem to get my book read for book club tomorrow night! It's a classic, which I tend to love, so it's not a content thing. I think it's just that I'm out of my reading time and space. Normally I read before I go to bed. I'm comfy, in bed, and I just read myself to sleep. Now that Miss Jane shares our bedroom, lights are off at 10 pm and I've been watching TV (or blogging  =p) until I fall into bed. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get it finished!

Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster

While I have your attention, let me give a little plug for the book club. We read young adult fiction- some old titles, some new releases. Forever Young Adult is the website that we're organized through. We meet once a month. Right now we're meeting at Grind House Bar & Grill in Clearwater, usually on a Monday night. If you are in the Tampa Bay area and enjoy reading young adult fiction, you should join us! We do all actually read the books and discuss them.

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