It's All Roses

I listed a few vintage art pieces in my Etsy shop today. It's the first stuff I've listed since before May. It's still hard to do with Jane needing so much attention. Still, I was happy to just be back at it. One of things I listed is a needlework rose piece. There's something Victorian about it. Roses have that classic beauty that just exudes romance no matter what century or culture is portraying them. Here's a few picks from my shop and a few other favorites from Etsy. You can click on the caption to go to their listings.

Bud vase

Wild rose needlework
Italian wall hook

Cast iron rose trivet

Woven straw bag
Seymour Mann Jolie Fleurs bone china vase

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Stacey Merrill said...

Super cute - roses will never go out of style!

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