Sleepy Sister

July 8, 2013-

It's raining again and, yet, still super humid. We're all a little sleepy on this warm Monday. One of my new favorite things is napping with Miss Jane. She snuggles up into a little ball next to me. I love having a cuddly baby this time around!

July 9, 2013-

Julian has his first lose tooth. I can't believe we're to that point. I remember when he got that tooth! It was one of the first ones to come in and it was a miserable two weeks arriving. He seemed to get four teeth at the same time. That time period seemed like it would never end and now it seems to have flown by. I'm having to look closely at socks to decide if they are his or mine, teeth are about to fall out, and he begs to get on my computer. I feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and he'll be as tall as me!

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