The Tooth Fairy

So yesterday it became apparent that Julian's loose tooth needed to come out. It was just about dangling and he wanted me to pull it out, but I was too squeamish to even consider it. Of course it would be a day when Jason works late, so it was nearly bedtime before the tooth was liberated. Julian is pretty tough so there was maybe a tear or two, but not much more than that. 

Julian had heard rumors of a tooth fairy that brings great riches, so he was pretty excited about leaving his tooth under his pillow. Later, when we went in to make the tooth-cash exchange, the door didn't seem to want to open. 

He fell asleep peeking under the door. We're pretty sure he was keeping a look out for the tooth fairy. He might have been just spying on us, but he can't see anything but the hallway from that view, so there wouldn't be much to see. Thankfully the resident fairy is pretty nimble and squeezed in around him. 

This morning he was pretty pleased with the dollar bill the fairy left. He told me that must be what a tooth costs and that we'll have to go to the store to buy a new one. In the mirror, I showed him the new tooth pushing up. He seemed pretty happy because now he can buy "anything in the whole entire dollar store"! silly


Cara Yates said...

Hi Julie! I didn't know you had a blog. Way cool! I made Julian show me his missing tooth at VBS. He smiled big and proud. Jenna has yet to lose a tooth. I'm sure it will be a dramatic event at our house as well. Haha!

Lisa said...

Oh how cute!! Congratulations, Julian, for losing your first tooth! He gains both a new tooth and a dollar, yay! How exciting. It must be so fun to re-live childhood and see life with a fresh perspective through the eyes of your own children :).

(This is Dulcepecadorauna from Xanga) :)

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