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Had another appointment this morning. I had them check again to make sure our little darling is for sure a girl. I've already got mommy-goggles and think she's adorable- even though the ultrasound images are a little creepy! The technician said she was 100% sure that baby is indeed female, so I guess we can really start planning for Baby Jane! She's on target for everything. 

I'm doing pretty good too- although the weight thing is slightly off. I'm supposed to have gained about 10 lbs by this point. Last appointment, I'd gained 3 and they encouraged me to eat more and try to add another pound in the month before my appointment today. I have zero appetite, but I didn't skip meals and I eat snacks and have switched to whole milk. I'm eating cream cheese and sour cream and full fat cheese and everything I can that doesn't make my blood sugar spike. My scale at home didn't register a change so I drank a ton of liquid before my appointment and kept my boots on when I weighed. And it showed I lost a half pound instead of gaining any. I think my weight is just redistributing itself. My stomach is totally popping out now and my upper body (chin included, unfortunately) are definitely bigger!

We got a bassinet dropped off today too so that added to the excitement. It's very nice and was given to us by a friend. Here's the stock photo of it:

It's so strange and exciting to really be planning for another family member. For the last couple years I really believed we wouldn't be in this position again.

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CreativeTaylor said...

Oh wow - congratulations!!! Girls are SO much fun :D (that's a great image, by the way... my daughter's all looked like mush and I was never quite sure of what I was looking at in there, LOL)

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