Happy Birthday, Puppy!

September 21st~ Happy birthday, Drago! My little buddy turns 12 approximately today. When I got him I was still finishing school. He was the cutest fluff of a puppy ever. It was love at first sight. He's been my furkid ever since. It hasn't always been smooth sailing; he's had terrible allergies from age 4+. He's been twice attacked by German Shepherds. He's also had some pretty significant eye injuries. He's had to weather a baby, then grabby toddler for a brother. Still, at this very moment, we've got the allergies better controlled, his eyes are healed, and his fur is thicker than it's been in years. Things are going well for the old boy. I remember people saying we'd get rid of him when we had a kid. Boy, were they wrong! 

Drago enjoying a birthday treat

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