Beach Date

Thursday, September 20th~

Another bad night, but today was still excellent. I started it with my ladies group at church. That was great. Later Julian and I had a beach date. It was just the two of us and no time constraints so we had a nice dinner and just spent hours playing in the water. He's a water body, like me. =) I can tell the swim lessons he took this summer have helped his confidence in the water. He went out by himself a little and was nonplussed when he'd get a wave right in the face. It really was a nice relaxing afternoon and evening. I love that he's at an age to enjoy days like this too. 

I left the camera at home as I don't want it anywhere near sand! I have a thing for Asian watercolor prawn artwork. Maybe I associate it with the amazing giant prawns I had in Thailand at the best seafood restaurant I've ever been to. Or maybe it's how armored they look. Either way, it's not a theme you find all over the place. January, in St. Augustine, I found a small vintage bowl with a pair of prawns painted on it. I got it to use as shell bowl. Then this morning I spotted this set of 6 shallow bowls at a thrift store right around the corner to Juju's school. They're the perfect size for peel and eat shrimp or steamed clams. Best of all, the elderly lady pricing things, thought these were "ugly bugs" and had them priced at $1 apiece!!! She was pretty shocked when I snatched them up the moment she set them down.

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