Wednesday, September 19th~ Not sleeping well lately. I just wake up every hour. After 4 am, every time I wake up, my mind starts racing and I have a horrid time going back to sleep. I've always struggled with sleep and I think that's exacerbated by caffeine later in the day and just being under a lot of stress. 

Here's some of the stuff I've got listed on eBay at the moment: 

White party GAP dress

Vintage bamboo print halter top

My prized embroidered jacket, I can't believe I'm selling this!

Blue peasant top

Children's Chinese Prince outfit

Another favorite I really don't want to sell- padded Asian brocade jacket

Peacock top

Red Chinoserie jacket- this one you have to go to the auction to see the amazing embroidery on this- pagodas, geishas, birds, oh, my!

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