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August 28, 2012~
     Look what I found! This lamp was still sitting in an unsorted box at one of my favorite thrift stores. It was untested and unpriced. When I took it up to the check out, I put on my sternest "I'm still deciding" face and asked how much. The lady barely glanced at it before she said "$4.99". Then all porcelain was half off and I had 10% off my whole order. I got this for $2.25. How is that even possible?! When I got home and tested it and saw that it worked- I really couldn't believe it! Of course, it has a very old plug and wiring so I'll want to replace that and put a new base and shade on it, but even with all that it's a great deal. Here's a comparable one going for $150 on Etsy. 

Not quite sure where it's going to end up being

That bird is giving the stink eye


Rebecca Walsh said...

That's beautiful! And what an eye you have for turning over a profit. (I know, especially with antiques, that's an understatement.)

(Ri)Charmed said...

I'm actually planning on keeping this one- for awhile anyway!

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