The Last Shower

Saturday, June 9th~
Okay- my photos are getting farther and farther off subject! Anyway, I've been trying to get a photo of the squirrel for days. Someone or something has shaved all the hair from the middle of it's tail. It's both awful and funny.

Another baby shower... I helped host this one so it's a little easier to be distracted from my own situation. This should be the last one for awhile. I'm still kind of amazed at what big showers are thrown for second and even third children. This one was smaller and not like that, but I've been to some that are way over the top.

We wanted to do something fun as a family before Julian and I leave town. Jason had a paying gig last night, so we used that money to go out for dinner and a movie. We saw Madagascar 3. Jason and I were not impressed, but Julian seemed to like it. Well, except for the part when the big, stupid bear is sad. That upset him greatly. He is one empathetic little guy!

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