from Sunday, June 10, 2012~
This cover needs a serious update!

Still not packed. I'm rereading Christy and it's totally sucked me in. I'm no good for anything now! Such great little spiritual nuggets in this book. Here's a passage that I really liked:

 I might have felt unimportant pitted against the awesome might of the mountains. I did not. Rather, on that mountain top I found something important that I had never known before: an awareness of a vital connection between me and the Authority behind all this beauty.

I remembered my conversation with Dr. McNeill...He had said that he believed in some "starter-force" but that he could not credit a loving God with concern for individuals. But the "starter-force" behind the magnificence displayed before my wondering eyes had an authority behind it that could be no abstraction, for it had immediacy - known and felt. Now I knew how to answer the Doctor's question. Call this what you was personal all right. It thrust deep into me. It pulled. And it insisted that life was precious - all life - Fairlight and I, and every bird and every squirrel and every tree... It cried that all effort is worthwhile; that doubt and fear and discouragement were a desecration of beauty, that hope was always right. It insisted that small achievement was not enough; that hopes and dreams must be large enough to stand up beside those soaring summits and not one bow their heads in shame.

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