Fuchsia and Navy

Saturday, June 23rd~

   Prior to Mother's Day, I had a client mention they'd like a necklace with fuchsia and navy in it for their mom. She said she'd call me closer to the time. Based on that, I went out and got supplies. I didn't hear back from her and, well, Mother's Day has come and gone. This isn't unusual and I shouldn't have jumped the gun and bought stuff before it was a sure thing.

   I spend a good chunk of this afternoon doing research on some vintage items I need to list in TheRicharmedLife shop. I couldn't find useful info and a couple of things ended up being pretty worthless. It was a little discouraging. After that, I felt the need to create. So I dug out a pendant I've had for a while and paired it with beads from the commission that didn't happen. Turned out nice, I think. Maybe my customer will want it for a Christmas gift!

Dyed rose jade, lapiz, crackled glass beads and diachronic glass pendant

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