from Thursday, June 14th~

Mowing with Granpa

Mom and I continued the sorting process at the house. We did a whole closet and the linens and china cabinets. I don't think my grandmother ever thew out a card anyone gave or sent her! It's a very good reminder to me to be careful not to end up with the same habit. My "collector" nature comes to me through genes on both sides. That's a little scary!

In a little bit we'll pick up Jonathan from the airport. He drove Joy and the kids home to Texas. His plane had issues and had to land in Atlanta so he's delayed a bit. We're meeting dad for dinner while we wait.

Grandpa was pretty alert and with it today. He was mainly interested in getting back into bed for a nap, but we stalled him with some Coca Cola. 

Back home, God gave us a little blessing. Jason got a very unexpected bonus at work. We've been really tight this month so the timing is amazing.

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