Pool Party

from Friday, June 15th~

We accepted a last minute invitation for Julian to go swimming with his cousins Sophia and Roman. They had a great time in and out of the pool! They really could not have played nicer. They all played in the sandbox for a long time and never needed any adult intervention. 

Kate made a nice lunch for us all. (She is such a great mom. I really wish we lived closer. I know we'd be great friends!) Julian got a bit of sun and some new freckles. Kate gave the kids goody bags  and that kept Julian happy on the ride home.

Tonight we went to the Stockton Marina to eat at Jonathan's restaurant. As always, the food was terrific. My little brother can cook! He made the most amazing pizza our first night in Taneyville. After dinner, we wandered around the marina a bit and then called it a night.

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