A Great Day

May 25, 2012~

This is as still as he got, so I'm ignoring the goofy face!
   I felt some sort of mission to give Julian a really, really great day today. We started out by putting a couple hours in at Future Flipz. Julian was starving by the end of that so we went home and made sandwiches together. We looked up some sea creatures on the internet and then tracked down an Octonauts episode we'd never seen before. Jason had a half day so he came home during Julian's quiet time. When that was over, we let Julian pick a movie to watch with daddy so Kung Fu Panda 2 went on. He was ready to play outside when the movie ended. That didn't go so well. (The little girl next store proved herself quite the bully so that's not going to be a place he'll be playing any more.) He came in a tearful and sweaty and hungry so we cleaned him up and headed off for dinner. 

We had an Arigato's Groupon and thought Julian would find it a lot of fun. He did. He kept saying it was "awesome" and telling us what a good day it was. (I love that he was so appreciative and voiced it!) Arigato's is right next door to Toys R' Us so he about died of happiness when he realized we were pulling in the parking lot. He wasn't even sad that we weren't buying anything. He was so tired by the time we got home that Jason had to carry him in. It is a challenge to wear that kid out, but I succeeded today!

Part of me wishes every day could be like this and that we could just move from one delightful Julian-pleasing things to another, but I know that's not a good way to raise a child. The world does not and never will revolve around him and does not exist to amuse us. I am not his concierge and we're not about to go further into debt to hear him say, "Awesome!". I've observed families that do live that way and there's not much gratitude after awhile, anyway. So the point is, a great day is only great when it's out of the ordinary.


Rebecca Walsh said...

You are such a great mom. :)

(Ri)Charmed said...

Thanks! I do try...

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