I'm really searching about what to write about today. I have several half-baked ideas that I'm not quite ready to roll out yet. This weekend was good. Today has started off well too. Thankfully this week isn't the insanity that last week was. I actually was able to list some more things in my antiques Etsy shop. Here's a few of the items, you can click on the caption to go to the Etsy listing.


Sigh... I do love my shop. When I look at it, I'm proud because it isn't like one of those crappy flea market stalls full of junk. It's got things that I truly like and that give me positive vibes. I don't know another way of putting it. I often feel like Etsy buyers are people that I'm happy to share my little treasure with and that makes letting go of these things okay.  I know they are going to people who appreciate them as much as I do.

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