Best of Epigrams, Fragments & Light Verse

I always feel like I have to follow up long blogs with short ones. But then I am a novice blogger at best. I often feel like this should be called The (Ri)schizophrenic Life. I do have something light today. I recently read Demetri Martin's latest book and just loved the chapter entitled Epigrams, Fragments & Light Verse. Here are a few of my favorite selections...

The bird,
The bee, 
The running child,
Are all the same
To the sliding glass door.


Leave no stone unturned
In your quest to
Disrupt a rock garden.


Ask 3 economists the same question
And you will get 4 different answers
That are equally long and boring to listen to.


Never more like a snowstorm
than when he sneezes 
whilst eating rice.


A Wish Granted:
If only I could be sold more things, more of the time by larger and larger corporations.


"It is better to kill someone with kindness."
Indeed, it is.
May I suggest showering them with gifts, very heavy gift.

All excerpts by Demetri Martin in This Is A Book

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Those are great!

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