A Useful Collection

I'm a collector by nature. One of my favorite collections is of Asian figural drink mugs. I never get more than one of each type. I have all the ones the local teppanyaki places have and I  rarely see any in the thrift shops that I don't already have so it's slow going these days.

The girl on the right was my first one and still one of the finest crafted ones I've ever seen. The straw hole in her arm is perfect to stick the paper flowers I brought home from China in.  There is a panda bear one that I'm debating about getting. The problem is that he is black and white with green bamboo. I kind of want an all white collection and the painting on the panda bear is of pretty poor quality. 

I've found these are useful for hanging jewelry off of or in. Since the backs are very open I also like to hide stuff in them like room spray, my cell phone charger,  pens, etc. The only thing I probably wouldn't use them for is drinks! I don't know why, the thought just kind of grosses me out.
So what do you collect?

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Meredith D. Carey said...

These little guys are so cute and funny. I collect cameos, vintage hats and Thomas Kincade paintings. I hope to hear more about what you collect in future posts!

MaryFaithPeace said...

I collect baking equipment (old pans, cookie cutters, tools no one knows what they're for etc.). When I have the time, I scour rummage sales for them. Your porcelain dudes are adorable!

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