The things of happy days

I found a treasure at the library last week. It's called Amy Barickman's Vintage Notions. It's really a charming book filled with the wit and insight of Mary Brooks Picken, a true domestic goddess and at the same time a true intellectual. (She was the fist female author of a dictionary!) I love the books art work. It's in that adorable 1920's style. If you love vintage, you will love this book! (Wow, I just went all Reading Rainbow on you... )

I also enjoyed reading her (and Amy's) thoughts on fashion, housework, beauty, etc. This book is a slice out of time, but it also showed how little the female heart and soul have changed. Here's a Douglas Malloch poem, from the book, that I really connected with. I think it's sentiments are ones that all of us that sell on Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, whatever, shouldn't forget.

"So much is bought, so much is sold,
We miss the value of
The things that are not sold or bought,
The gifts that only loving brought,
The words of honest praise
The friendly smile, the friendly thought -
The things of happy days"
Douglas Malloch

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