Another reason to see the world

Sometimes you have to leave the US to fully appreciate it. I never noticed how clean and orderly our streets are until I experienced the utter chaos that is India. I didn't totally appreciate the dedication of our police officers until I saw Mexican officers only doing their jobs after money crossed their palms. I didn't consider the oppression of women still happening in a modern world until passing through an Islamic country full of shrouded and disregarded women. I didn't understand true freedom of religion until meeting the Chinese girl who spent a year in prison for her faith in Christ. 

I believe the purest form of freedom is only found in Christ, but the freedoms we have in America are pretty amazing too. Those freedoms were fought for and continue to be fought for. Memorial Day is the time when that's called to our attention the most, but really any day is a good day to truly look around and appreciate the sacrifice of those who have died to protect America. God bless the USA and God bless our soldiers.

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