Yes, I made it back

I know I should start writing again, even if it is only to tell all about the trip. I feel like I am still processing everything that happened though and I'm not ready to discern what things are just between me and God and what things I want to put out there. Some of that is laziness, some of it is the last twinges of jet lag, and some of it is that I'm not back into the swing of thing. 

Some of those things are important things like my devotions. When I left I was deep into Philippians and I actually finished that while I was gone. I felt really drawn to Psalm after that so I read there the rest of the trip. Now I'm not sure where I should be. My life group starts James this Sunday, I think, but I don't want to get too far ahead of the group. I always joke about doing a deep study of all the minor prophets (you'd have to had taken that class at CCC to understand that joke), but maybe coming off this epic journey, one of those books would take on a new significance.

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