Richarme Autumn 2015 Collection

I'm so excited to have put together a fall collection this year! I'm the sort of person that has to be really inspired to create things. As the school year started and summer drew to an end, I had very mixed feelings and that's why there are several elements to the collection. 

When I came across the pottery beads, I was just immediately drawn to the dappled speckling. Initially they reminded me of whale shark skin. As I worked with them though, I got more of a cozy kitchen crockery feel and I just had this image of snuggling up with a book and an afghan and a mug of something delicious. That's my inspiration for the first part of the collection.

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My favorite autumn activity is antique shopping, especially open air markets or streets just full of  thrift and vintage shops. I love vintage books, vintage jewelry, vintage china... This year I've absolutely loved all the images of blue & white chinoiserie on my Instagram feed. I'd been hanging onto some Chinese beads in that color palette and I just felt like the time was right to debut them. 

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I really debated about the last part of the collection as it's not really a traditional fall theme. Here's why I decided to go ahead with it: this was a good summer for us- lots of time with friends and family. We spent half the summer swimming! Every day was a potential beach day and we kept a very loose schedule. Part of moving into the fall is leaving behind summer and I don't feel ready for that this year so I wanted to keep part of it with me. Gold is a nostalgic color so I wanted to edge beach shells in that- almost like sepia toned photos. It also gives each shell a polished look so that it can be worn with both casual and more structured clothing.

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The entire collection is live in my Etsy shop, so please go check it out! I only have two of the blue & white bead necklaces left, so hurry over if you're interested in those.

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