Bag Lady

Maybe it's because they always fit or it's easy to change them out, but I've got a thing for purses! Any size, most colors, whatever materials- as long as I think it's interesting or pretty or just the right size, I will want it. I'll admit that in the past I've spent way to much on bags that caught my eye, but in the last few years, I'm much more restrained- mostly 'cause I'm out of room! I love Etsy because I can use a vintage purse a couple years and then let it find it's next home (unless it was grandma's, most of those I have a hard time parting with). I also love the handmade selection on Etsy. JuneberryStitches, bedeckle, bohoEco, GypsyThread, DesignsByCritelli, GraceDesign are a few of my current favs.

Please enjoy these gorgeous bags, all available on Etsy, at least until I save up and buy them all (wah ha ha ha...)! If you want to beat me to it, click on the shop name and it will take you there.

From Bedeckle
From TimeWarpJunkie
From GypsyThread

From bohoECO
From JuneberryStitches

From DesignsbyCritelli
From TheVintageCurve

From GraceDesign

 This is my drool list, if you share similar tastes, you might like my Pinterest board: Bag Lady
(If you've got a great purse board, post it in the comments!)
So are you also a purse lover or is it just utilitarian to you?


RandomGoodsVintage said...

Great purses! I don't have a thing for purses. Too many of mine have been stolen in the past. so I go for whatever I find at the thrift store that is clean, has pockets and doesn't smell like smoke! And if Im lucky, I find one!

(Ri)Charmed said...

Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of smoky, nasty purses at thrift stores! Every now and then there is a gem though, although my friend Heather seems to find them all before the rest of us can. ;p

Van said...

I especially love the first and last bags!

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