My Etsy Wishlist!

It's no secret that I'm an Etsy girl. All year long I browse and favorite things, if I was a good girl this year, maybe one or two of these will end up under the Christmas tree! They're all from sellers in the USA so that's pretty "nice", right? ;p

 I am all over the hair stuff this winter. Check out this gorgeous clip:

from Lost Years Vintage

For the home, this awesome bat hook:

from The Tim Woodsman

Here's something else batty I desire:

from Zulasurfing

This trio of cloisonne boxes is just delightful and useful:

from Pollygolightly

This one is a little sad as my dear pekingese is probably not going to be around many more Christmases:

from Confetti Monster

Last, but not least, something very practical!

from King Stitch Studios

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