Souvenirs... Maybe it's where I live (Clearwater, FL), but when I think of souvenirs, I think of one of those tacky, neon-lit shops that can be found in any big beach town in the US. Vintage mementos are just so much cooler. When I travel, I usually ignore the obvious tourist traps and look for something that's useful and beautiful to me. I would guess that a third of my Etsy shop listings feature items that were brought back to the US as a souvenirs. 
Here are a few of my current offerings- no bad t-shirts or bored sales clerks! Click on the captions if you're interested in more information.

"Roma Basilica de S Pietro"
"Cape Cod"

"Atlantic City, NJ"

"Innsbruck, Austria"
"Karlovy Vary"
"Lancashire, England"
One last "Florida" one!

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Gypsy Thread said...

A Japanese crumb catcher from Atlantic City? Now that's an interesting souvenir. I wonder if it was a gift from the city or a casino during an Asian themed event.

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