What a Find!

I love a good thrift store find. They are getting very rare for me though. Mostly because I haven't even gone to a thrift store in months- also because a lot more people are thrifting so the pickings are slim. I didn't plan to stop this morning, but I thought I might find another pair of uniform pants or shorts for Julian. In my calculations, I didn't factor in that he'd need a set of "accident" clothes. I ended up at a store that I don't even like that much. They price everything in anticipation of the one day a month when it's all half off. Anyway, I did find a pair of suitable pants for Juju and then a pair of shoes caught my eye. I have little feet and I can wear kids sizes. These fit perfectly! (I know, I know, thrift store shoes- ick, BUT for the right shoe, you can always throw in insoles and they're fine.) Here's my find:

Love the hand embroidering!

The last photo was artistic, this is a better view! They have hand stitched rag soles too.

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