For those unfamiliar with the odd swings and patterns of pregnancy, "nesting" refers to an expectant mother’s instinct to prepare her home for baby. It actually gives a surge of energy which propels her to clean and do various chores around the home. It is very real and it is something that those around the momma just have to get on board with or get out of the way of. Thankfully, I have an incredibly helpful husband as a partner. I can point him in a direction and leave him alone until he finishes the job. This weekend the biggest job was assembling furniture!

A nice little assistant- excuse the crappy phone photo!
We have a cozy little house so we'll all have to adjust to make room for baby girl. As long as she'll fit in the bassinet, she'll stay in our room. After that, she and Julian will share until we can do the addition. That's a few years in coming, so for the time being, it's close quarters. Julian has an armoire so we barely use his closet. Really the best use of that space was to put Jane's dresser and supplies in it instead. It took a bit of work to get that all together, but it's done and everything is laundered and put away. I feel relieved that it's done. We still have to move a few things around in our room and clean, clean, clean, but we're in good shape should the little miss arrive early.
Love all the cute dresses & outifts and having them all hung up on display!

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