Old Friends Adieu!

Wednesday, September 12~

Listed some old friends today:

 My turquoise foo dog has been with me for years. It's always bothered me that I only had one though. These come in pairs and should be displayed as such. She is lovely and I know someone else would be more than happy to take this single mom home. (Yes- she's a female! They're shown with a cub often. Her's happens to be gold!)
 This old fellow dates from occupied Japan. His little cart is hinged and opens. He was designed to hold cigarettes and we don't keep those around so we'll let him run off to a new owner!

This was actually an estate sale find. It's a Prevost botanical print. You can't believe how pretty this is- the closer you get, the lovelier. I initially got it thinking the pink would work in my bathroom, but then I ended up getting a paisley shower curtain and going a different direction. A steamy bathroom wouldn't be a good spot for this anyway...

PS- Click on any of the photos to see the Etsy listing.

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