Frustrated or Happy

July 24, 2012~
Tried to photograph some of the jewelry I brought home, but it was just too dark inside and too rainy outside to get clear photos. Boo.....

   While it's still hot and dark, today is a little more restful. I'm almost caught up with getting my Etsy shops back in order. The house has been tided some. I finished a jewelry commission last night. Drago's got a check up in the morning.  My friend Faith called yesterday and we had a nice conversation. I'm feeling almost normal again. 
When the light broke, I have to admit I felt defeated and just at the end of my rope. I think God sent me a thought. It was that I had a choice to either get angry about how rundown I think the house is getting or I can relax and have fun picking out some new fixtures. I chose the later. It's funny because one of the first things we said we'd do to the house was replace the gaudy living room light and fan. And then it kind of grew on us. And then the light pull broke and we had to unscrew the light bulbs every night to turn it off. And then it crackled and popped and died entirely yesterday. 
I absolutely love the light I found and I also ordered a light/fan for Julian's room. His fan has been broken for years. I got a good deal and we have 6 months, interest-free to pay them off anyway. I feel happy, not frustrated.

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