Eye of the Dog

July 25, 2012~

He's still a little squinty, but at least the green stuff is gone!

   Drago's eyes are doing well! The one has a chronic condition, but the other is healing nicely. I also started a new skin treatment for him. Once we get the fleas totally under control, he will be rolling like an 8 year old! 

  Tonight is another party prep get together for out Tampa Bay Etsy Crew's Craft party in August. It's gonna be big! It was just fun to get out and be crafty with friends. And there was pizza. I was feeling that! I think we got a lot done. I got to decorate paper lanterns with garland and then attach butterflies to the bottoms. Think the Roosevelt's going to look fabulous! As much as we got done, I think we'll end up having another prep night- so much needs finishing touches.

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