My Sporty Side

Friday, June 1st~

Is my flash bright enough?!

I'm a life long NJ Devils fan. Started when we lived there and I can't seem to quit them! We had a streaky season, but good enough to clinch a play off spot. They struggled a bit in their first bracket against the Panthers so I thought they might not make the next round. The sports commentators never have anything good to say about the Devs so they pretty much laughed about how quickly the Flyers would take us out. And that didn't happen. We killed the Flyers! Onto the Rangers- no one had the Devils winning that, but we did. Now one last team stands between the Devils and the Stanley Cup. They're a tough team, but I think they can be beat. Really can't wait for that to happen! Even if it doesn't- no one thought they'd make it this far so it's still a great end to the season.

So there's my sporty side. It only comes out during 1 season a year and it only becomes public when we're totally taking the playoffs!

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