Thursday, May 31st~

We've been talking about it for months and the day finally came... Julian got a haircut! He loves his hair long and has occasionally pointed at a mullet and declared it "Awesome!". One time we were watching some TLC show and they showed this sun-baked middle aged woman with a total blonde 80's blow out and he literally said, "One day I hope I can have hair like that!". Crazy kid! So it's always a bit of a fight to get him to even talk about getting his haircut. I am the parent though so I decided a couple weeks ago that the little bang trims to keep it out of his eyes just weren't doing it. I've been talking to him about awhile now and today was the day. 

He did pretty good. He smiled his way through it and sat okay. He doesn't love people anywhere near his ears (probably why he likes his hair over his ears) so when she was trimming that part, he had a hard time keeping his head still and his hands down. At the end he was just grinning in the mirror so I think he likes it. He keeps feeling of the back. It's cute.

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French Ghost said...

Just when I thought he couldn't get any handsomer... BOOM!

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