Summertime Schedule

Monday, May 21st~

At Largo Central Park this morning

This week starts the first week of free mornings for us. I like to have something to do every morning to get us out of the house and get Julian around other kids. Our usual morning, schedule includes a Mommy & Me exercise & play group, Body Sculpting, library story time, Bible study and the occasional MOPS meeting. Just about all of these things stop over the summer so we're left to entertain ourselves. I think I'm okay with that because I'm just feeling burnt out. Julian's started playing with the girl next door more so it's nice that he can just go outside and play. I do plan on continuing the swim lessons and some beach mornings and splash park afternoons. Guess we'll just play it by ear!


sweetybird09 said...

Sounds like a great bunch of activities, Julian is cute, I have a son in law named Jullian I think its a nice name, we have a town here in San Diego county called Julian and its famous for apples in the fall and a fun place to drive how did your son get his name?

That is nice when they can go play w/0 you being there everymin, when you know he is safe...

(Ri)Charmed said...

Julian is a family name. My grandmother's brother as just the darling of the family and he was a Julian and my dad's middle name is Julian.

A.M. Mama said...

Ahhh... Summertime! It always comes at the perfect time when we need a break from the normal routine, doesn't it? Hope you and Julian have a WONDERFUL relaxing summer!!

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