Sneaker Suggestions?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012~

Really am fond of these, but the insides look like swiss cheese.
Today was my first morning "training" for the half marathon in November. It's just over 13 miles and you get 4 hours. Started out this morning seeing how far I went in a hour at a nice pace. I did 3.33 miles which, if we kept that pace, would get us in under the 4 hours limit, but that's not the point. It was more just seeing how much improvement is needed. I usually walk 5k once a week so this was barely more than that. Just have to work on time now. We've planned on walking the half marathon too, but who knows, we have so much time, we may end up jogging a bit. 

Now all I need is a new pair of shoes. I've worn huge holes in the back of my current pair, but I love them so I've put off replacing them. They're Nikes, but I'm not tied to that brand. Any one suggest a good running/walking shoe?

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