Lasts of the First

Wednesday, May 16th~


This necklace is the first design I sold at the boutique. It was based off of a pattern I'd seen on a trip to the Bahamas and seemed like a good fit for a resort area. I was right and it sold well. I stopped making these last summer. I only have two left now. It seems weird. Most of my designs are one of a kind so to have a pattern that I followed and made multiples off was never really my thing. Over the last year I've been less inclined to work with shell. Now that the boutique has moved, I don't have as much of a market for that stuff anyway. It's evolving and changing and I'm glad for it, but I'm a nostalgic person at heart and I'll be sad when these two go.

Both of these are on sale. You can go to my shop or click on the photos to go directly to the listings.

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