Fight Club

from Wednesday, April 2, 2012~

Met up with some friends at Future Flipz this morning. Julian had an amazing time, of course. There's one little fellow, who was there, that he tends to get into brawls with. This kid is just aggressive towards Juju. We usually are there before them when this particular group gets together. Every time this child makes a beeline for Juju and tried to either take whatever he's playing with or he just starts shoving him. If you know anything about The Juj, you know he is not going to take any sort of bullying. So he will shove the kid and things escalate and they usually have to be separated.

We teach Julian not to hit and to walk away if a younger kid or a girl is bugging him. He's still occasionally will push or lay on a kid that harasses him, but he's pretty good about not hitting anymore. I've observed that he does not act out unless he is provoked. He's not a bully. That said, I don't want him to be bullied and I don't want to squelch that natural "fight to protect" instinct he seems to have. It's just hard knowing what's appropriate and what crosses the line.

Anyway, this morning, they were best buds running around. I don't condone it, but last time Julian clocked this other kid in the head pretty good. Maybe that finally got it through to the kid that Julian's not going to submit to him and now he's worthy of being a friend. That's weird, but seems like it's the case.

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