¡Cínco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo 2012~

Pinata madness

We fiested hard this year! Jason's company picnic was such a rager that they wanted the employees families to come too. A corporate company actually wanting to include employee's spouses and kids- bonkers! Anyway, we hit that hard and then got out of there before it got lame.

My vacuum was feeling left out so when we got home, I busted her out and let her do her thing. Then Jason and I paired up and double-teamed the kitchen. Then the bathroom got it too.Then I did the front porch. Quick naps were needed to recoup before we hit the town again.

Now it gets loco... The Avengers in St. Pete at the same time as a Ray's game! Traffic was off the hizzy, as was parking, but we just crunked our way through it. The movie was amazing! I want to watch it again. Right now. In 3D. Afterwards, when we left the theater, the City of St. Pete kept the movie feel going by setting off fireworks. Nice of 'em!

So anyway, there ya go, our awesome Cinco de Mayo...

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Paula Parrish said...

Can’t wait to see The Avengers movie myself, looks and sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing your Cinco de Mayo adventures with us here in blogland.
Smiles, Paula

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