What We Ate on our Anniversary

Thursday, March 8th~

Red roses from my sweetie

  9 years... 

We're still rockin' it!  We did the Melting Pot thing. They really spoiled us- take home boxes of chocolate strawberries, a card signed by the staff, a voucher for a free dessert fondue the next time we go. What did we eat? Let me tell you! First off, the Melting Pot signature chocolate martini and then the cheddar cheese course ( apples, veggies and bread to dip in a garlic beer cheese mix). That's followed by salads- I had the California salad (walnuts, blue cheese and a spring mix in raspberry balsamic vinegar). Jason had a Wisconsin blue cheese wedge salad. Next is the main course: seasoned pork, chicken, shrimp, sirloin, filet mignon and veggies to cook in a pot of coq au vin. Dessert was milk chocolate and peanut butter to dip red velvet cake, brownies, Oreo coated marshmallows, cream puffs, strawberries, bananas, rice crispy treats and graham cracker coated marshmallows in. Delicious and so filling!

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Rebecca Walsh said...

That sounds awesome! Way better than the fondue night I had at home for us. I'm glad you went, and that it was all so yummy!

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