Strawberry Pie

Monday, March 12, 2012~

   I'm hearing from a lot of people that the Strawberry Festival was disappointing this year. I have to admit it's been awhile since I've been. I remember there being big concerts, tons of food stands, pageantry, antique dealers, crafters, cute little animals, rides... It was fun and delicious! We'd roll out of there stuffed full of strawberry shortcake, big smiles on our faces, and pints of the best berries to eat on for days. Now I'm hearing that there isn't many food choices or lots of animals or much to do. That's kind of sad. Still, the yummy berries remain. My friend Karen use some to make scrumptious strawberry pies- Georgia style, like my grandma use to make. She was kind enough to give us one. It's soooo good and brings back good memories.

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